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Day 1
Day 10
Day 27
Day 63
Day 99
Day 117
Day 146
Day 175
Day 231
Day 240

Day 1

Leaving Ekhaya

Today, I left ekhaya to satisfy my hunger for adventure. Saying goodbye to my tribe was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I hope the journey ahead is a bit easier.

Day 10

Riding a wave

It’s been a few days since I left ekhaya. It looks like I have a long way to go but I’m making good time on this small boat of mine.

Day 27

Taming the wild

I came across a big cat today. At first, he was a bit ferocious, but I ended up playing fetch with him.

Day 63

Sho't left

This was a challenging day, yazi. I lost my bearings a bit but, luckily, there were some jellyfish around me. I asked them for directions and they showed me a sho’t left.

Day 99

Having a whale of a time

Today had its highs and lows. The biggest high was seeing a whale up-close. While the biggest low was having water all over my clothes, after I’d just dried them.

Day 117

Better beware

Today a shark tried to swim up to me and say hi, but I was shaving so I told it ‘heh eh!’.

Day 146

Seeing is believing

Yoh! Today I thought I saw a sea monster, that looks like an octopus, chilling behind me. I turned around and didn’t find anything. So many days at sea will have you losing it.

Day 175


Bekumnandi out on the ocean today. I even had the chance to do a painting of the crazy storm that I was sailing through.

Day 231

Discovering a foreign land

Today I landed on a foreign land where the people speak a weird language and hold their maps upside-down. But they’re friendly yazi. I like them and this place. I’ve decided to call it Eu-rope. I think it has potential shem.

Seagull snacks

On days like this my hunger becomes too much to handle, so the seagulls bring me snacks to help keep it at bay.

A beautiful human-fish

On this beautiful day, I met a woman who was half human and half fish. Yey’ wena! Be careful of this one. She puts the naughty in nautical.


Yazi, today I was thinking about the rhinos my friends and I used to ride across the fields when we were children. They had a hunger for adventure, just like me. That’s why I carved a rhino head on the front of my boat – to remind me to keep moving forward.

I never freeze

I’m not a fan of cold baths. So you can imagine how happy I was to find a volcano to enjoy a steaming hot bath in.

Imnandi le’sauce!

After a couple days on the ocean, I remembered today that my mother slipped me a bottle of her secret sauce when I left ekhaya.

Man’s best friend

Today I realised that the best way to sail into the ocean is by using a super pod of dolphins to help jump-start your journey.

Cuddle Buddies

If you’re reading this, take note: on cold, stormy nights sea lions are the best cuddle buddies! They snore like my uncle, but the warmth is worth it.


This was a tough day for me. I had to ask myself tough questions like ‘Am I a PeliCan or PeliCan’t!'?

Funky Monkey

Ja. I thought I was alone on this journey, but I was pleasantly surprised when my pet monkey appeared out of nowhere. It’s great to have lo mancane onboard.

Huffing and puffing

Today wasn’t easy sailing, but I knew I could count on my friends, the pufferfish, to help me out. They blew my boat in the right direction when the wind was dead.